100% 3D printable Raman Probe Assembly

Sorry for staying away for so long, I have been very busy lately researching and working on a new concept design for a 3d printable Low resolution Raman probe. I needed to put the TCD1304 CCD detector (8-bit) project on hold for awhile because I am discovering that 8 bits might not work for the purposes of this project and the resolutions needed.

Tips for Surviving in Real Life

In 2009 I had a predisposition for making poor decisions, and because of this I ended up becoming homeless. I was married at the time (no children but two dogs,) when I talk “homeless,” I mean the whole shebang! Sleeping on the concrete, finding whatever nook or cranny, building or wooded area we could find to settle in with our animals. Our only belongings we had left were a sleeping bag, comforter, a bag of clothes and a bottle of vodka.

Consistency and Tips to success in Engineering

The scientific method requires making observations, recording data, and analyzing data in a form that can be duplicated by other scientists. In addition, the scientific method uses inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning to try to produce useful and reliable models of nature and natural phenomena.

1nm Resolution Test Successful 8-Bit CCD Detector TCD1304DG

Well, this may be the ugliest test platform I have ever made but it sure worked, I had to modify my circuit board @ R8 going to pin#3 at the opamp [LM324], by running a bypass from the C9 [200pf cap,] to pin#3 @ the LM324, some strange ground problem I can't quite figure out yet from manually placing the components on the PCB design circuit in DesignSpark.

The ZEN of simplicity in Engineering Design

This is the essence both of ZEN and engineering; "Harmonizing opposites by going back to their sources is the distinctive quality of the ZEN attitude, the middle way, embracing contradictions, making a synthesis of them, achieving balance." --Taisen Deshimary

8-Bits Shimmering Over the Horizon

These are the capabilities of this technology, and with the advent of 3d printing and 21st century design software, projects such as mine and others like it, will continue to provide fresh innovations for the market place, and a vehicle for the citizen scientist to deliver technological modernization to under developed regions in desperate need of it.

TCD1304 8 Bit Driver Noise Reduction Design Changes

I am confident in it's performance, even @ 8 bits, I did learn a few things though about working with CCD's, one is, thermal noise, yeah, even with NO power its still there, and on the breadboard it has little room for any air circulation underneath, so I had to compensate for this "dark current" by taking at least 5 dark frames and comparing the frame with the least amount pixel depth and then averaging the other frames together at their higher RMS #'s and subtracting that from the low pixel numbered frame and that gave me a pretty good representation of the most stable dark current values.

My Research and The Science Of a Stroke

well having a stroke several years earlier didn’t do me any favors. So, I developed a system of log books and these logs corresponded to files saved on my computer as a backup. I had to literally annotate just about every little thing I was doing, I have a short-term memory problem, but if I have a log of my previous actions I can recall it well.

8-Bit CCD Driver TCD1304 Circuit Charts I & II

Now this is the full spectral range from 0 - 1323 pixels, you will notice at the far left of the chart a line shooting straight up, this is the transmission line, which use to be the "absorption" line, by implementing this equation: (10ᶺ(-B2))*100 We can "flip" the spectral image right side up.

Fast 8 Bit Driver Circuit

So I have decided to go ahead and build the fast 8 bit drive instead because I already know that it works flawlessly, and can still read all 3648 pixels from the CCD, It reads 3694 pixels, but the first 30 and the last 16 are dark reference or dummy pixels and are discarded. I have already drawn the schematic using Design Spark and will post the gerber files so you can order your own PCB and build it. I am including the BOM also.

My Three Stray Cats

This is my little daughter cat, Tiny, I saved her as a small kitten here at City Point Hopewell Virginia (down by the appomattox river) I had to have a damaged eye of her's removed but she doesn't seen to mind much.